Lontana Apparel can help with your premium corporate shirting options. We offer a wide variety of fabric choices in different fabric compositions to suit your needs. Logo printing or embroidery is a standard offering.

Lontana Apparel is a specialist in providing private label shirts for the retail market. If required, we offer a full service solution, including the supply of fabric, buttons, labels, swing tags, all other packaging requirements if needed.

A service we offer to the individual. Purchasing off shelf is not always possible. We offer a custom made shirt service to those individuals, who either need the tailoring, or would just prefer something a little more exclusive.

From Shirtmaker to Maskmaker

We offer the individual non-branded stock masks in bulk (100pcs and more). Choose from different mask options, designs and colors.

Corporate Masks

Lontana can manufacture your premium corporate face mask. We offer a variety of mask designs, fabric choices in different fabric compositions to suit your need.

School Masks

Lontana assists to keep learners safe by offering masks to schools at discounted price.

As a community support initiative, we sponsor schools in underprivileged areas in the Western Cape. Contact us directly to apply for sponsorship.

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